Artisanal Cachaça Serra das Almas
  Rio de Contas is an ancient town famous for its well-preserved colonial center, its importance in Brazilian history recognized throughout the State of Bahia. (nation-wide). Learn more about Rio de Contas City .::
  The aging of the cachaça takes place in a cellar with a capacity up to 150.000 liters. Bottling, corking and labeling happen in the same space. This sector doesn’t generate any by products. Learn more .::
For more than 10.000 years organic agriculture, i.e. the non-use of agro-toxins and chemical fertilizers, was the only form of agriculture. Its sustainability depended upon the degree of respect for nature.
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  Discover and appreciate the exceptional line of products of the Fazenda Vaccaro, produced within the requirements of ecological sustainability.  
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Professional salesmen represent our products in various parts of Brazil and the world. Learn more .::
Our team always keeps an open channel with its clients. Contact us anytime you want. Learn more .::
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